Contemporary Ritual

Is an ongoing research, collecting the main patterns that constitute any ritual. It is in development since the participation in ARC Art Residency program, Switzerland.

The aim is to reuse this patterns in a contemporary time/frame in order to convey a new message, a new question, towards the next solution, most of the time in a provocative way and never with defined answer. Establishing one-to-one relation/connection with the visitors. 

The way Giacomo recreates the ambient, the use of the objects and most of all the iconological/visual aspect of it, moves the equilibrium. 

The fascination is developing an experience to re-open connections and feel the energy of the explorer. 

the ritual components


small auto-produced fanzine as part of the ritual “C.R. T I’m E”

C.R. “Time buys you”

After the first publication “How to make your own ritual” the artist arrived to use his research as a tool to design performances in the framework of Contemporary Ritual. With Ritualibrum, the visitor participating in the performance during an event/presentation in ARC spaces the 3rd of June 2017, will get this take-away piece of the installation in order to bring the ritual back in is daily life. 


Series of illustrations elaborated as part of the installation.

Some of them will be also developed in large scale on street art locations.


The performance starts outside of the room/installation. One visitor at the time enters the room together with the artist, for the ritual to take place (few minutes). Between every encounter there will be 7 minutes of break, for the room to be explored by anyone. the performance will be on-going all afternoon.