Videolink of the Performance HUM RISE, Vondelpark, Amsterdam, NL

The performance consists in a walk through a public space where the artist has a ‘particular technology’ to find and mark a specific spot. 

The spot is decided by a beamer that randomly project on the floor a series of gif designed by the artist. Once is projecting the one were a human body is taking shape the walk stops, the artist start to watch, mark the spot and look for a person to put on it. 

With the excuse of the action is possible to build a specific one-to-one relation that leads the performance to an encounter and an open question: 

“Do you know if there is a Human Core inside us, one that can link us to each other? I found this spot for you, is a good one to feel what I mean.” 

This works is related to the macro HUM art project that comply a series of work around the same topic: be a mindful human being. 

In the video is possible to see the artist aiming to involve the people present for the Free Fringe Festival and non, to be surprised, to enter in a state of mind, to have a breath, to stand on the little space founded and marked by the artist's performance and maybe try to think about the stimulation suggested, watching, using time in a different way, being.