In collaboration with other two artists (Guido Bettinsoli, Paolo Paggi) we transformed the space and the time dedicated to our performance into a new State. 

We declare our independence from the Italian land where we were hosted at the moment of the project and writing a constitution, creating a flag, marking the borders and reading every day the declaration of independence during a formal ceremony with the new citizens, we funded what can be call a new state.

During the first experience the socio-political-relational-performative act was elaborated inside the ‘House of Piceno's culture and art’, Novilara, IT, 2012

After the good experience and the good feedback we got from the new citizens, we elaborate a second ‘occupation’ in collaboration with the San Giovanni Library in Pesaro. A formal institution that support us during our days and programs to elaborate daily workshops, talks, activities and screenings. the local people appreciate the project and also in this second time we had a numerous participation to our cultural events. Summer 2013. 

In both act, the state dedicated to the Relation - Nova Picena, the state of the relation (full name) was supported by the visitors in exchange of goods from the states. The project whet good for both experiences if we analyze the fact that we had enough food from outsider for the citizens and also to share with the visitors... 

Great experience!

Nova Picena flag

Nova Bisagiò flag

Article about this project by one of the local online cultural agenda. 

link 1

link 2 video of declaration of independence to the Italian nation

Nova Bisagiò 

flag design

Nova Picena flag design

Writing the constitution

Sign on the border saying: 

‘Welcome, into the free state of Nova Bisagiò’ 

printed on site with our team. 

Constitution of Nova Picena

Marking the border with white rocks with the citizens, no walls.

Workshop of Nova Picena to realize the own-produced Newspaper of the state and the workshops 

Fanzine workshop, 

one of the several activities we promoted

Makers workshop

link 3 Facebook page to promote our activities and communicate our independence