Part of the performance Contemporary Ritual: T I’m E

Hosting: ARC, residency for research, Switzerland

After the first publication “How to make your own ritual” [ARC 2016] the artist arrived to use his research as a tool to design performances in the framework/research of Contemporary Ritual. With the performance the participants will get a take-away piece of the installation in order to bring the ritual back in their life [Ritualibrum].

8 inner faces of the book to bring the possessor towards a final evaluation of his process. 

Cover of the book with the function of keeping the question present every day.

layout overview

The room 

was a try to present the fundamental elements and patterns of a ritual in a contemporary time/frame. Use them to host a performance. The performance/ritual was designed in order to convey and rise a question into the visitor, towards the next solution, in a provocative way. The main reflection was about how we “use” our time [important element also to set in a ritual]. 

Establishing one-to-one relation/connection with the visitors the book given to the participants engages them in a fictional diet to end the ritual back home. After one week, the book revealed the final provocation of the artist with the help of the 8 images present in Ritualibrum. 

As the whole experience is focused on the meaning of Time, the main elements worked to bring it into the participants. HOW? 

The main question of each participant is still secret to Giacomo. Because through the experience the participants had the chance to find their own solution with the provocative guiding of the artist. If not yet, he wants to share with them the process of reaching solutions, the importance of keeping questioning and setting a time/frame for the purpose.

- “Do you have a question without a solution that you wanna carry into the ritual?”

-“How many minutes, of an hour, do you want to buy, of your time?” 

The way Giacomo recreates the ambient, the use of the objects and most of all the iconological/visual aspect of it, moves the equilibrium [which was part of the setting]. The fascination is developing an experience to re-open connections and feel the energy of the explorer.

“the EQUILIBRIHUM is strength, the stretched space full of the forces working as opposite.”

left hand - right hand 

black rock - white rock 

smell - perfume 

bad potions - good drink 

nice food - bad aliment 

the question - the solution

buy your time - invest time to have money 

For those who performed the ritual, felt the equilibrium, invested time for the sake of the process, trusted the performer:

“Did you find a solution after 7 days of T I’m E diet?” 

This is the moment, the possibility to share feedback and/or ask for more: @HERE

“I believe that as we are able to formulate a question, staying with the feeling of it, pursuing it, analyzing what we know so far about the topic, projecting the same methods of finding a question into finding a solution [the power of the explorer]. Especially if we know that the solution has always been with us. What do we need above all to overcome the problem now? It is TIME” 

If you are still wondering...

- Do you dare to make the sum of the minutes you stipulated within the Ritualibrum? 

-then, put your currency after the number

-Use this money to “buy your time” and invest it in finding the solution [help yourself]

-If you wrote so, you should just try, you can.

“The real intelligence is not with who has knowledge but in who knows where to find it” 

[cit. A.E.]

one of the “Spirits of time”