Tette Katodike // Katodik Boobs

Inferno Purgatorio Paradiso, andata e ritorno versione breve // Hell Purgatory Heaven, short way to go and back 

Photo expo of different size portraits photos, from A4 till A1, printed on PVC. 

The portraits

present in the photos are bleached faces of the artists with on top a projection of someone else face/name in according to the theme of the expo. 

the overlap of faces was the result of the photos presented and taken during the process. 

The theme

‘Millennial Generation’

critical investigation of the icons that forged this (our) generation of identities. 

Part of ‘Mangiagrigio Brother’ Projects expo. Artistic duo with Paolo Paggi, focused on the virtuosity and the creativity that can be inspired in a creative process by challenge and relationship. For this Photo Exhibition project we were invited by ‘MACULA photo organization’ to realize a site specific installation in the ‘Scalone Vanvitelliano’ 

Pesaro, IT.

During the exhibition an ongoing performative tour by one of the brother shepherd the visitors. 

The audience in this way were accompanied Through the installation divided on three floors. 

While all around is constantly presence the sound performance by the other brother in diffusion. 

link 1 postscena.net 

link 2 spaziomacula.it

link 3 comune.pesaro.it

Poster exhibition,

A1 print on paper

Map/planimetry of the exhibition in the space, through the “Hell - Purgatory - Heaven”

A1 print on paper

Some of the photos exhibited 

‘Sub-comandante Marcos’

Heaven, A1 photo 

‘Tiziano Terzani’

Heaven, A1 photo 

‘Pepe Mujica’

Before Heaven, A2 photo 

‘Noam Chomsky’

Purgatoy, A2 photo 


Before Heaven, A2 photo 

‘Steve Jobs’

Purgatory, A1 photo 

‘Osama Bin Laden’

Hell, A4 photo 

‘Papa Wojtyla’

Hell, A3 photo 

‘Mario Draghi’

Hell, A3 photo