GIACOARDO illustrates intuitions, the powerful freedom of imagination and stories inspired by their meaningful messages. True or untrue, he’s letting the unconscious imaginaries coming to the surface in his visual art compositions. 

Because he believes that those fragments of visions deserve a place in the world around him, Seeking to reach a universal perspective, he represents the people encountered and the effect of the environment’s energy on him.

In the past, black & white is been usually preferred by the artist. Yet, he draws following his imagination on any surface, and colours become the liked with the emotions attached to the stories.

Furthermore, Processing the compositions in a social-critical artwork, the artist is layering and elaborating the beauty of details as a personal ritual of creation. 

FLOVE, ink and watercolour on paper, A3,

In order to view the full FLOVE serie of illustrations click on the image

Cavaliere contemporaneo, ink on paper, A4

Sketch presented for street art Exhibition, Milan, IT. 

Private collection, 2014

Betwein, ink on paper, A3

Exhibited in Alonso Cano Gallery, Granada, ESP. 

Elaborated during the thesis research about the potential of the contrast in Art-Therapy.

Private collection, 2012