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Hi! I am a 360 degrees creative creature who applies talent and passion in daily life practices.

Born in 1987 in Italy, I studied Sociology and Creative communication. Then merged MA studies in Art-Therapy and Curatorial practice into the process, while exploring the different artistic layers of knowledge.

By performing visual stimulations in different art projects around Europe, my artistic practices moved in Amsterdam since 2013.

Who know me says: 

“Giaco is a true artist, the handy-man able to use many elements to concretise his artworks. He’s an exquisite illustrator, a sensible performer, able to realise brilliant ideas. His imagination is unique.” 

I share my ideas to learn from others’ by Participating in artistic, cultural, social, educational, anthropological and creative projects. 

My latest research is about ritualism and human archetypes. inspiring me to elaborate practices and environments that might be potentially used to reunite, understand and spread knowledge - Developing Temporary Cultures

I did collaborated, amongst others, with: