“When I am confused, I make a sketch”

“Being Human is not obvious and its meaning a constant research, sometimes reached by art” 

Giaco works with visual art, installations and performative practices to elaborate a profound connection between imagination and humanisms, where emotions and intuitions are manifesting   possibilities in the realm of Art. His artistic research lies in anthropological and social observations, intuitions, psychological studies, imaginaries, and questioning: 

“What’s the human core, how does it feel, how to understand it?” 

By broadening the concept through alternative and relational forms of creation, Giaco seeks to trigger and analyse the archetypical behaviours; humanise the power of icons, of facts,  of choices, in order to balance the composition as a lucid step into being “contemporary human beings”.

So, he sees the whole process of his creation as an invitation, a provocation offered to reveal how we can be connected to each-other and at the same time shape a mutual stratification of consciousness, based on differences, yet universal intuitions and beauty. 

“But then, how can it be re-presented in an accessible and sharable way?” 

Through passion, field research, dystopic/utopic visuals and architectures, Giaco develops moments of acknowledgement in artworks. He connects the layers of experience and builds temporary relations through art, in order to compose one-to-one performances as a practice. Or using drawings as patterns to reveal the relationship with the environment and the stories of its inhabitants. 

Giaco’s installations are designed with the wish of rising questions, exploring the feelings without projecting a personal answer, or maybe just temporary ones. The artwork tends to be ephemeral and devoted to ‘burn’ with passion rather than overproduction.

“The perpetual movement of equilibrium” is the concept in which the artist focuses; what he feels in his Human-Core. 

Slowing time and absorbing space in order to realise and frame how singular points of view or perceptions of pure existences are somehow connected. What is there, in between?

To formulate this question into an art work, he also uses part of his therapeutic-art researches as a tool to create meaningful paths and organise the performance as a fully interactive and immersive experience. 

Human’s presence is layered and woven with body shapes, becoming the principal ‘visual’ to grasp the message in his work. While time, repetition or the composition itself, summons the instinctual deep connection that we have, as observers, with rituals. The results can be perceived and experienced as a contemporary-ceremony where images belong to new meanings.