Visual Artist Performer Curator

“His visual art offers provocative human-size intuitions through emotional imaginaries baring humanisms and developing into contemporary practices”

The following artworks are suggested as representative style. Raconized by many, as the hand and the soul of the artist itself.  




HUM-Society - Watercolour and ink on paper, A3,

Triptych of illustrations dedicated to the relationship between human awareness and human nature. 

Exhibited on WG Kunst Gallery, Amsterdam, NL 2017. Sold during the final auction. ”S

PiMu collection - Watercolour and ink on paper, A4, Amsterdam, NL 2022/23

Most recent illustrations from the series of artworks composing the collection of PiMu - the tiny museum dedicated to piracy, 

If you are inspired by the visual universe of GIACOARDO visit his masterpiece: 

or click in the Images.

Autoritratto d’artista. Ink on Paper, Visual portrait and cover of self-curated art progect: FunZine

A fanzine published, presented and exhibited by 4bid Gallery, OT301, Amsterdam, NL 2014. 

Dedicated to those illustrators that nevertheless the struggles of life keep reaching and research the joy of life from within. This illustration is been burn by the flames of 11th Jan 2024.