Collaboration for projects, workshops and art-guide sessions within Arnaldo Pomodoro in his Foundation in Milan. 2009/2010

Performing with Hamish Fulton in one of his ‘Repetitive Walk’ social performance in Venice, 2015

Performing for Tania Bruguera during the 56° Biennal of Art in Venice. Work:‘Havana 2000’

Venice 2015


Therapeutic Art

‘4bid catalog’

publication and documentation for Shuffle Project.

Amsterdam, NL


‘Granada Diary’

illustrated and auto-produced


collections of stories from

Granada,ESP 2013

‘Estonian Diary’

Local project, collecting stories and illustrated on top of the national leaf, Estonian Oak.

Tallin, Parnu, EST, 2013

‘Cronaca di un moto Perpetuo’

Illustrated catalog for a contemporary dance residency, commissioned by HangartFest,

Pesaro, IT, 2013

‘En Contraste’

Series of Illustration to explain visually topics of the concept of thesis,

Published by Brera Academy, IT, 2011


‘Mitologie Urbane’

Co-curating the residency program with Paolo Paggi for the festival Peperepè.

Center for Visual Art Pescheria

Pesaro, IT, 2012

‘Illustratiòn: Fictiòn variable’

Illustrations Exhibition in collaboration with Alonso Fine Art Academy, Granada,ESP,2011

MKF - MiniKunstFestival

1° and 2° editions

Experimental Art Festival with 4bid in OT301, Amsterdam, NL

Several curatorial practices and projects

To question the role of the gallery nowadays.

As member of a group of artists running a ‘gallery space’ we are trying to shape a space that can be performative and inspiring, as a contest that care about develop temporary culture and good quality content.

As a curator I’ve collaborated with different institutions and organizations in several exhibitions and projects,


- Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro, IT.

- Alonso Cano Fine Art Academy, Granada ESP.

- Brera Fine Art Academy, Milan, IT

- OT301 cultural building and 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL

- SBAM, Space for a local and socio-political involved “Museum”

  1. -Caritas Ambrosiana, Cultural Center of Kindu, RDC.

  2. -PIMU - Piraat Museum, Director of the project

On a personal and formal level I base my actions and interaction on my Master study: Therapeutic Art.

I’ve done an investigation to bring out my perspective into a real practice developing a personal process to elaborate in workshops, projects and installations.

I participate or even organized several collective performance, rituals and therapeutic projects for institutions such as Mental Hospital (Policlinic San Matteo, Pavia, IT), Hospitals (Macedonio Melloni, Milan, IT), Penitentiary (Bollate, Milan, IT) and so. All the laboratory were ending in a visual way, to communicate the meanings of the steps of such a ‘multilayered’ area of work.

My work and practice are coming from studies and interpretations of psychologists such as Melanie  klein, Winnicott, Marie-Louise von Franz and inspiring artists such as Alfredo Jaar, Maurizio Cattelan, Blu.

Fine Art - Financ€ LAB

Presentation study-case and projects related. Exhibition and talk, 4bid gallery, March 2016 Amsterdam, NL

Collaboration with SUA collective,

Peter Baren and Stefanos Tsivopoulos. 


Performing for Jan Martens

Work:‘THE COMMON PEOPLE’ Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg, Feb, 2017