‘Vangelo Secondo Voi // Gospel of You’ 

Site specific Church Art-Residence.

Installations inside the space developed during the 15 days of project. 

Pesaro, S.M.Maddalena Church, Italy, 2015

‘Visual Sermon‘

Video-loop installation

Iron tubes and video,


‘tabernacle of the icons‘

Drawings installation inside a bee-have, iron tubes.


‘cannon of redemption‘

Iron tubes installation with a bee-wax sculpture.


‘Altar boy playing the bell‘

Interactive Doll, Arduino hardware, Iron tubes, installation. 

‘Teeth of the devil‘

32 lotus flower seeds from a particular lake in Italy are installed inside glass boxes.

A contract is proposed to interact in order to own one of the ‘relics’. The provocative installation aims to reflect and revaluate ‘human souls’

‘Altar of the good news‘

Iron tubes structure to deform the architecture and the identity of the Church site-specific installation. Stage of the main performative part of the project where visitors were invited daily to record theirs good news. The file was installed in sound-profusion as a background gospel.

Hum Speech - Sound Installation for an ephemeral communication for an ephemeral utopian dream: HUM-Nation, a Nation for Humans. Speech was in streaming on Bambuser.com, HN (HUM Nation) 2015

Selected by the curator Irina Baldini to stage a visual Installation during one of the set of ‘Oosprong Curatorial Series’ Amsterdam, NL. 2014