My performances are constructive provocations, extemporary relations, suggestion to bring questions on top what is important to be doubt or re-explored, to make space for a new intuition or a new possibility. Evolution aimed.

The performances are deigned to work on human feeling in relation with choices of life. Simple movement and gesture in the repetition are the base of the work. The message shared through the investment of all the elements installed, creates a situation where a new reality is happening, as a new contemporary ritual is summoning a necessity of the present.

The entire environment, where the action is framed, take into account all the elements of the work, as well the audience as important unit of it. The process want to create a link with the persons involved to give them as unconscious result: be the missing part; to complete the circle of meanings of the Performative actions.

For that reason my work is more effective when the relation is developed in one-to-one moments. The topic change, the core of research is deepen the focus on life, possible to reach from any further points; this is the challenge for both performers: the evoker and the catalyzer.

This is the way to go out of the normal, out of the comfort zone and embrace unusual elements to brought into what looks like the same path otherwise.

The atmosphere or the intangible presence of feelings are the medium to make the explorations works, All the layer on the set, distributed on the timeline are build and thought on

a ‘human size level’. central point of what I look for translate in a visual way.

All the experience that I had are actions to deepen my research and enhance the perspective of the inter-action between communicative elements, such as humans or different mediums, but also to share the simple spark of life hidden in the chaotic, polluted, noisy frames of society where we are.

‘All the best’

Interactive installation exposed and commissioned by the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, NL, 2014

‘Oorsprong’ Improvisation night, Amsterdam, NL 2014



Amsterdam, NL, 2014

...and others

‘Tette Katodike’

Commissioned photo installation + performance about my generation, by Macula.

Scalone Vanvitelliano, Pesaro, IT 2014


Relational performance,

Raja Taide Tila gallery, Tampere, FIN. 2014

Biennale of Venice, Performing for Tania Bruguera, Venice. IT. 2015

‘Emotional Portrait’

Investigation about feeling and relations,

Ca’Zanardi Palace,

Dolfin Bollani Palace,

Venice Art House,

Venice, IT. 2015

Several Performance within the platform

Shuffle Project. such as ‘GOLEM’

Movement and performing art research.

4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL ..2016


Interactive performance to deepen into a reflection about Human (daily) Rights

Amsterdam, NL


‘Gospel of you’

Site specific residency program performed daily to ‘celebrate’ the good news.



Site specific performance based on the seek of the possible formula of humanity

Granada, ESP



Performance about the value of time into a relation where the participants were considered as performative element to reach the  meaning of the gesture,

Venezia, IT 2013