He illustrates stories

inspired by the people and the surrounding environment.

Black & white is preferred.

He draws following his imagination on any surface,

processing compositions in a social-critical manner

taking and elaborating what he thinks are significative linkable icons.

He likes to make an overdose of stimulations, to get full of images after a deep exploration into the topic, then let the research and-up in a visual way.

He truly believes that what it’s generate in the mix between passion and dedication from the inside + infections and injection from the outside, will communicate what is needed.

Coordinating the images without be focalized in the result, believing that the error is a layer of the work, he keeps layering the black ink on paper till he feels or sees the image ready.


cronaca di un moto Perpetuo

catalog illustrated, Pesaro, IT, 2013

Project ‘Basura’

Ink, 50x70cm, Granada, ESP, 2012

“Disegno calpestabile”

Pesaro, IT, 2013

Casual sketch



Ink on cards, collection


Casual sketch



MAR Ravenna, IT, 2013


Macro Illustration, 2800x260cm, Pesaro,2012

One of the several drawings published during the collaboration with ‘Vivere Pesaro’ online newspaper. 2013

Casual drawing

before 2012

Illustrated Tarot deck

Milan, 2012

‘Feeling drawings’

Pontremoli, IT, 2010

First exhibited draw

Casual drawing

before 2012

“Congo Diary”

Kindu, RDC, 2012

Kigali, RWD, 2012

Bukavu, Burundi, 2012

“En Contraste”

Illustration of thesis 2011

‘Ospite demiurgo’ residency program with ‘Perepepè project’

illustration and design for the art festival, 2013

‘Campagna elettorale’

One of the several fake political campaign manifesto, IT, 2013


Amsterdam, NL, 2014

collaboration with sound noise artists.

“Estonian Diary”

Tallin, Parnu, EST, 2013

“Il Segno”

Manifesto, digital illustration for expo in Candelara, IT, 2013

“Nova Bisagio Diary”

Novilara, IT, 2012

Granada, ESP, 2012

Pesaro, IT, 2013

Novilara, IT, 2014

Murals-graffiti art

Amsterdam, NL, 2015