South Africa benefit drawing auction, Cape Town, ZA

Giacomo in one minute

He’s a creative human being who applies his talents and passion in his daily life practices, to seek the unknown, to look for what is beautiful is its own reward, the reach should exceed his grasp.

Born in 1987 in Italy, he studied Sociology, Communication, Art-Therapy and Curatorial practice, to process his knowledge while deforming situations and performing visual stimulations.

His artistic practices are based in Amsterdam since 2013.

Partners who know him say: he’s a handy-man, able to use many elements to create his works. He knows how to draw, to perform, to create and co-create installations, to use art as a tool to get it hyperrealistic.

He shares his ideas to learn from others’, participating in artistic, social, educational, anthropological, curatorial international projects.

He’s researching ritualism and human practices to elaborate a key might be potentially used to reunite, understand and spread the knowledge: developing temporary cultures

Giacomo collaborated, amongst others, with: