2011 and previous


mural, Venice, IT

‘Emotional portraits’

Relational Performance Venice, IT

‘Hum Code’

Relational Performance Amsterdam, NL

‘Watcher for exchange’

Installation Amsterdam, NL

‘Leon of Venice’

Stencil, Venice, IT

‘The Watchers’s Secret’

Installation Amsterdam, NL

light design for ICI casa Murano residency

Venice, IT


Artistic-curatorial  nomad project, NL


Illustration expo

Ravenna, IT

‘Hum Noise’

mural in OT301

Amsterdam, NL

‘Tette Katodike’

photo expo

Pesaro, IT

‘Almanacco dei fortunati’

Auto-produced fanzine


Diary Performance

Tallin, EST



Venice, IT



Novilara, IT

Drawing exhibition

Pesaro, IT

‘SBAM’ Exhibition

Newport, UK

‘Ospite Demiurgo’

Performative residency project, Pesaro, IT

South Africa benefit drawing auction, Cape Town, ZA

‘Disegno calpestabile’

Performance open space, Pesaro, IT

‘Allegoria di un carro HUMano’ installation, Parma, IT

Political cartoon for Vivere Pesaro, newspaper online, IT

‘PisaurHum’ relational mural, Pesaro, IT

‘Ritratti di luce’ curating exhibition, Candelara, IT

‘All’ombra di un mambolocò’ African diary drawings, Kindu/Goma, RDC

‘Racconti in carovana’ Performance, Pesaro, IT

‘Adopt an Artist’ Performative ongoing project, Everywhere

‘Mitologie Urbane’ CoCurating art residency, Pesaro, IT

‘Nova Picena - lo stato della relazione’ Performative social project, NP (the new state of Nova Picena)

‘FMG’ Brother Mangiagrigio starting point. Relation based ongoing project, Everywhere.

‘Hum Pixel’


Istanbul, TK

‘Hum Box’ Performance, Granada, ESP



installation Monteciccardo, IT

‘Gherigliati’ Performance/installation

Milan, IT

‘Los Personajes de Granada’ paintings on clothes, Granada, ESP

‘FMG Diary Granda’ painting on Mattress, Granada, ESP

‘Cronanca di un moto perpetuo’ performance, Pesaro, IT

‘Cronanca di un moto perpetuo’

Drawings pubblication, Pesaro, IT

‘Hum layer’

relational installation

Sottopasso, IT

‘non marchio’


Pesaro, IT

‘The space behind the mirrow’


Frontone, IT


Diary instalation

Parnu, EST

‘Nova Bisagio - 


Performative social

project, NB (the new state of Nova Bisagio)

‘Repetitive Walk’

with Hamish Fulton, Venice, IT

‘Vangelo Secondo Voi

/ Gospel of you’

Residency project, Pesaro, IT

‘Havana 2000’

with Tania Bruguera, Biennale of Venice, IT

‘Famous after death, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, NL

‘Micro installation

to tell’


ICI Casa Murano, IT

‘HUM rise’


Amsterdam, NL


Drawing selected for a publication.

Realized during a residency project

‘Gallery is?’

Installation about the contemporary role of nowadays gallery.

‘Shuffle project’ workshops and performances 


Mini-Art-Festival of multimedia art, Amsterdam, NL

A VJ night in 4bid gallery with sound artist performing live

‘drawings, Fiction variable’ drawings installation

Granada, ES

Series of drawings and gif animated... i’m working on it.

The visual suggestions are presenting the collection of works divided for year of production 

The composition stands to trigger your curiosity toward the meaning behind             

Few images are linkable to a dedicated page where you might find more explanation about Giacomo’s work           For each image you can find ‘Title’, medium, place/space

For further informations you can always ask the artist


Performance with Elena Kovylina, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL

‘4ZINE’ project,

VJ installation with 4bid, Amsterdam,NL

‘4sale’ study-case project presentation in 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL

‘Troika Fiscal Disobedience’

collaboration in 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL

‘3€’ contribution and participation to ‘Shit Art Fair III, Turin, IT

Poster-art in OT301 Amsterdam, NL

‘Hum Stories’

series of drawings Everywhere




Solo drawing exhibition

Vinkovci, HR, and De Peper, Amsterdam, NL

‘The Common People’

performance with Jan Martens, Stadsschouwburg, A’dam


short docu movie

Bucarest, ROM

‘Recognizione di una memoria’

Docu video installation

Gorizia, IT

‘Intercultural theatre and common stories’

storytelling  Fiorenzuola, IT



Dedicated illustration page, Venezia, IT

‘HUM Atlas’

Visual map, research and installation, Switzerland, CH

‘4ZINE’ a FUNzine

curatorial project about illustration

Amsterdam, NL

‘Contemporary Pirates’

Intercultural residential project Amsterdam, NL


Illustration for Contemporary Ritual

T I’m E

Installation for Performance in ARC, CH