Artistic research started in 2009 exploring performative and relational way to deep investigate the human feeling.

The works developed within this intention have been developed several ephemeral, relational, temporary and interactive Installations and performances.

It also in 2011 became a street art identity related to the same exploring aim.

FMG’ stands for ‘Fratelli Mangiagrigio’

an artistic duo-relation focalized on social issue, political historical and territorial aspects.

The works elaborated by the ‘Mangiagrigio Brothers (ENG)’

were exploring the potential between two identities in relation, two ideas in challenge, two artist investigating the fusion under the same identity to work on top of the issue caused by the diversities; within the duo and in relation with the environment, important element in every presented work.

The duo as been recognized by different European institution and invited to take part in Exhibition and Festival since 2012


Social-artistic Project born in an abandoned area of an elementary school, occupied and elaborated as a new context neighborhood

The transformation of the death place into a little museum gave the chance to local artists and people living to reconsider the identity and the use of it.

Two exhibitions and an event with concert has been organized in its month of life, before that the municipality of Newport, UK, took it back locking it.


The project inspired other actions, showing its potential in other place where has been

re-elaborated towards new contest and needs, with local artists and people.


Developing Contemporary Culture

Ongoing Art gallery project based in OT301, Amsterdam, NL


Adopt An Artist//Adotta un Artista’ from 2012

To Explore the issue of the artistic lifelong project as performative self-organized residency.

It is a platform to facilitate a contractual relationship between artist and adoptive identity, whit a webpage, downloadable artistic contract of adoption, possibility of subscription to give to other artists the same chance of being adopted and explore the inspiring


The formula as rules and responsibilities to follow and modify within the relation of adoption

developed during the 5 adoption that i’v been already involved with.

The first adoption which started the project was based in R.D. Congo, Goma and Kindu, Africa.

Mainly working on a project to bridge the similarity and the immense contrast of two daily life stile: European - African.

Adopted by a local association working in international project on local issue,