The visual suggestions represent the collection of works divided for year of production.

The composition stands to trigger your curiosity toward the meaning behind. 

Few images are linkable to a dedicated page where you might find more explanation about Giaco’s work. 

Each image has: ‘Title’, medium, place/space

For further informations you can always ask the artist


‘PiMu ambassador’

Sculpture exhibited in Pexpo Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu figurehead’

Steel art sculpture for PiMu museum, Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu’ Pirate Community’

Photo exhibition in Pexpo gallery, Amsterdam, NL



Private collection illustration, Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu Voice’

DIY Soundboard design for museum interactive audio installation, Amsterdam, NL

‘Rest in Hum’

Mural donation for Ukraine refugees centre, Amsterdam, NL

‘De MUG’

Interview and reportage for local newspaper, Amsterdam, NL


Artist’s Dedicated article in art magazine and platform, IT

‘PiMu 1st season Finissage’ 

after AFK Funding, Amsterdam, NL

‘Radio Pirata’

Podcast interview about PiMu, IT


Mural dedicated to De Vliegtuin, Amsterdam, NL


‘PiMu Grand Official Opening’

Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu museum sign’

Getting ready for Official Opening, Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu guerrilla’

Street Flyer hanged in Amsterdam, NL

‘Lotus Flowers’

Fire-Art installation for Burn Ceremony, Amsterdam, NL

‘Pirate Box’

Archive interactive installation for PiMu, Amsterdam, NL

‘Contemporary Pirates’

Finalising research and illustration collection for PiMu, Amsterdam, NL

‘Why not Sexy’

Mural under commission, De Vliegtuin, Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu Open Call’

Curating Aleid Landeweerd winning pirates, Amsterdam, NL


‘Sea People’

First artwork private donation, with art elaboration for PiMu museum, Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu museum trial opening’

Funding, directing, curating my museum, Amsterdam, NL

‘AT5 reportage’

Video reportage to save the art of PiMu and the Pirate village, Amsterdam, NL

‘Pirate stage’

Collaboration with indipendent video production, Amsterdam, NL

‘PiMu moving’

The project survived the eviction thanks to the crew of local pirates 

Amsterdam, NL


Murals on Private sailing boat, Monnikendam, NL

‘Tiny Hum’

Finishing my custommade tiny house, Amsterdam, NL

‘Tiny Gypsy’

Up cycled custommade tiny house, Amsterdam, NL



Taxidermy principles for a ritual installation, Amsterdam, NL

‘Smoking Hum’

Murals on Cultural center, OT301, Amsterdam, NL

‘Pirate Village’

Environment installation, Amsterdam, NL

‘Pirate residency’

Curating alternative residential project, Amsterdam, NL

‘Pirate life’ 

Performance for alternative art exhibition, NDSM, amsterdam, NL


Murals on Cultural center, OT301, Amsterdam, NL

‘Emotional mandala’

Art-therapy workshop for Dagbesteding, Amsterdam, NL

‘Cheri - PiMu’

Beginning of building PiMu museum space, Amsterdam, NL



Murals on Cultural center, Barrio Oliver de Zaragoza, ESP

‘Emotional Diaries’

Solo Exhibition and auction

OT301, Amsterdam, NL

‘Art in Education’ 

Educational EU training, Hamburg, DE

‘Cantina Pirata’ 

Selection of illustrations for wine labels, Napoli, IT

‘Untitled Hum’ 

Murals on family house, Novilara, IT

‘Artaboo’ EU project, artist leader, for 120 meters of murals on Psychiatric hospital, Barcelona, ESP

‘Bee Ambulance’ 

Spray-paint on van, Novilara, IT


Cover illustration for solo exhibition, De Luwte, Amsterdam, NL


PropagandHum’ series of

Contemporary Ritual, exhibition in WG KUNST Amsterdam, NL 

Pensieri di chi abita il mare’ poster-art, street installation, Pesaro, IT

‘Flove’ serie

Solo drawing exhibition 

Vinkovci, HR

‘Seeds of dreams’

Engraved Seed from Amazon, Rituals research, Puyo, EQUADOR 

‘The Common People’

performance with Jan Martens, Stadsschouwburg, A’dam, NL


Research and residency in ARC, CH 


short docu movie 

Bucarest, ROM

Selected for Rome Short Film Festival, IT

T I’m E’ 

Installation and Performance in ARC artists exhibition, CH 

Corte dei MiracolHum’ 

Solo exhibition, Didót Gallery, Pesaro, IT

Tiny house art residency’ 

Bauhaus Archive, Berlin, DE

Tiny Hum’ Performance for Bauhaus Archive art residency, Berlin, DE

Tiny Hum’ illustration for Tiny House ‘aVoid’ Project, Bauhaus Archive, Berlin, DE



Performance with Elena Kovylina, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL

‘4ZINE’ curatorial project, VJ installation with 4bid, Amsterdam,NL 

‘4ZINE’ curatorial project, collection of illustrations, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL

‘Troika Fiscal Disobedience’ 

collaboration in 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL 

‘Untitled’ Poster-art exhibition, OT301 Amsterdam, NL 

‘Hum Stories’

series of drawings Donated to dear people of the world, WW

‘Recognizione di una memoria’

Docu video installation 

Gorizia, IT

‘Intercultural theatre and common stories’

storytelling show, Fiorenzuola, IT

‘HUM Atlas’

Visual map, research and installation, Romainmôtier gallery, Switzerland, CH

‘BANANA’ exhibition in

BEVILACQUA LA MASA, selected artist for illustrators art-zine, Venezia, IT

‘4sale’ art economy study-case, project presentation in 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL 

‘Illustrators Exhibition’

Gallery del Corso, Pesaro, IT

‘Contemporary Pirates’

Curating EU Intercultural residential project, beginning of PiMu concept, Amsterdam, NL


‘Vangelo Secondo Voi - Gospel according to you’ 

Selected artist for art Residency, Maddalena Church, Pesaro, IT

‘Emotional portraits’ 

Relational Performance, Biennal of Venice, Olivetti Gallery, IT

‘Hum Code’

Relational Performance Amsterdam Fringe Festival, NL

‘Watcher for exchange’

Solo exhibition, Interactive Installation OT301 gallery, Amsterdam, NL

‘Lion of Venice’

Stencil, street art action, Venice, IT

‘The Watchers’s Secret’

Solo Exhibition, Installation, 4bid gallery, Amsterdam, NL

light design for ICI casa Murano, residency project, Venice, IT

‘Almanacco dei fortunati’

Auto-produced fanzine,

Stolen in Turin Art Fair

‘Repetitive Walk’

Performance with Hamish Fulton, Venice, IT

‘Builders of Identities’ 

mural in private gallery space, Venice, IT

‘Havana 2000’

Performance with Tania Bruguera, Biennale of Venice, IT

‘A micro story to be told’ 


ICI Casa Murano, IT

‘3€’ selected artist for ‘Shit Art Fair III’, Turin, IT

‘The Heroes of Cyprus’ 

Street event exhibition, interactive painting and performance. Curating EU project, GR

‘CREATE’ artist selected for street art workshop, EU training, Thessaloniki, GR



Curatorial nomad gallery project, streets of Amsterdam, NL


Illustration exhibition,

Ravenna, IT

‘Hum Noise’

Commissioned mural in OT301 independent radio

Amsterdam, NL

‘Tette Katodike’ 

FMG solo photo exhibition and interactive installation, Scalone Vanvitelliano, Pesaro, IT

‘Hum Pixel’ 

video exhibition, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, TK

‘Allegoria di un carro HUMano’ performative installation, MuMa gallery, Parma, IT

‘Famous after death’ Van Gogh Museum interactive installation, Amsterdam, NL

‘HUM rise’

Performance for Fringe Festival, Amsterdam, NL

Drawing selected for a publication.

Realised during a residency project with HangarFest gallery, IT

‘Gallery is?’

Installation about the contemporary role of nowadays gallery. OT301, Amsterdam, NL

‘Shuffle project’ workshops leader and performances with 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

‘Dystopia’ curating the

Mini-Art-Festival of multimedia art, OT301, Amsterdam, NL

A VJ night in 4bid gallery with sound artist performing live, Amsterdam, NL

‘Corte dei MiracolHum’

Solo exhibition in Gallery del Cordo, Pesaro, IT

‘FMG fanzine’ in exhibition after a month residency in Granada, Didot Gallery, Pesaro, IT



FMG Performance Diary, 

Tallin, EST


FMG Diary installation, 

Parnu, EST


Artist Performance selected for independent pavilion, Biennale di Venezia, IT

‘HUMone’ exhibition

Installation for 

Novilara Art Gallery, IT

Solo Drawing exhibition in Private Commi’s Gallery, Pesaro, IT

‘SBAM’ curating a local alternative Exhibition, Newport, UK

‘Nova Bisagio - 


Performative social 

project, NB (the new state of Nova Bisagio)

’Ospite Demiurgo’

Performative residency project, Visual Art Museum Pescheria, Pesaro, IT

‘Disegno calpestabile’

Performance open space, Open Gallery Event, Pesaro, IT

Political cartoon, one of many illustrations for ‘Vivere Pesaro’, Web newspaper, IT

‘non marchio’ 

FMG performance, 

Pesaro, IT

‘The space behind the mirrow’ exhibition, 

performance and installation, 

Frontone gallery, IT

South Africa benefit,  drawing auction, Bunker Gallery IT, and Cape Town, ZA 

‘Non Marchio Map’ 

FMG interactive performance, for Orti Giuli Open Gallery exhibition, Pesaro IT

‘SBAM exhibition’ 

Curating local illustrator exhibition, SBAM Gallery, IT


PisaurHum’ relational mural, Exhibition in Visual Art Museum Pescheria, Pesaro, IT

‘Ritratti di luce’ curating exhibition, Candelara gallery, IT

‘All’ombra di un mambolocò’ African diary drawings, solo exhibition in Kindu/Goma, RDC

‘Racconti in carovana’ FMG Performance, Pesaro, IT

‘Adopt an Artist’ Performative ongoing project, Everywhere WW

‘Mitologie Urbane’ CoCurating art residency, Visual Art Museum Pescheria, Pesaro, IT

‘Nova Picena - lo stato della relazione’ Performative social project, NP (the new state of Nova Picena)

‘FMG’ - Brother Mangiagrigio, starting point. Relation based ongoing DUO project, Everywhere WW

‘Los Personajes de Granada’ paintings on clothes, Exhibition in Albaicin Gallery, Granada, ESP

‘FMG Granada Diary’ painting on Mattresses, Granada, ESP

‘Cronanca di un moto perpetuo’ FMG performance, Pesaro, IT

‘Cronanca di un moto perpetuo’ 

FMG Drawings pubblication, HangarFest gallery, Pesaro, IT

‘Hum layers’

relational installation

Sottopasso Gallery, Pesaro, IT 

2011 and previous

‘Gherigliati’ Performance/installation

Maimeri Gallery, Milan,IT


Performance/installation Monteciccardo gallery,IT

‘Hum Box’ Performance, 

Experimental Academy space, Granada, ESP

‘drawings: Fiction variable’ 

Drawings installation

Granada, Almirante Palace gallery, ESP