Giacomo Cardoni with - Infusion of HEIMWEH -

Artist (Tiny)residency @ aVOID Tiny House

Every afternoon (14-18) at BAUHOUS-ARCHIVE, with a cup of coffee or thee, the visitors will have the chance to explore, with the artist in residence, the meaning of "home-sick-ness".

Through discussions, visual suggestions, small site-specific installations and rituals the visitors are invited to start a negotiation of meanings by developing with Giacomo possible new contemporary perspectives of the same topic: being "sick of home".

The most common interpretation of homesickness leans in the word of Odysseus, far away from home in his journey, longing for his wife and his homecoming.

We can also be "sick-of-home" when we need a change of our local environment, when the space we consider ours not correspond with the intuitions and the needs of our souls, lifestyles, personal growth.

During the residency the artist will engage with the environment in a critical en provocative way starting from the Tiny House Movement, opening the possibility for visitors to discuss further the common feeling of Homesickness; the distress caused by being not just away from home but perhaps away from ourselves.

What if your home can move with you?

what if your home can change and benefit the local environment in a mutual way?

How can we embody the feeling of home?

can we?

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Artist-in-[tiny]residency is an artist residency experimental program(*) possible by the collaboration between aVOID tiny house as part of Bauhaus Campus Berlin and developed by GIACOARDO as independent curator and artist.

In collaboration with architect Leonardo Di Chiara and Tinyhouse University, the artist will reside for one-week inside aVOID, a nine-sqm tiny house on wheels designed by Leonardo Di Chiara taking inspiration from minimalism and emptiness.

Artist Giacomo Cardoni has been invited to take part to Tinyhouse University an experience to co-operate, challenge and develop new creative possibilities around the topic of Tiny Houses. They will experiment Leonardo's brand new designed home, space where they will share ideas, open a discussion about Tiny House Movement and spaces, but also share knowledge, future projects and create an artwork related to it to present at the end of the residency.


Giacomo Cardoni Artist:

aVOID tiny house by Leonardo Di Chiara:

Bauhaus Campus Berlin (curated by Van Bo Le-Mentzel)



"Keep updated with the program of the residency"


The program will be organically developed and enriched during the stay by suggestive presentations:


# PIMU - The first TINY (house) MUSEUM

Giacomo's personal research and project presentation which he's developing in Amsterdam:

"Piracy today develops in many sectors of human activity, in which it constitutes more and more as a social habit or rather creative rebellion, practiced by a growing number of individuals in reaction to rules perceived as unjust, social and geopolitical limitations, universal issues."

visit the Beta version:

# Street art

Giacomo will approach as a mutual exchange of intents, ideas, visions and practices through the residence with Leo’s House and its environment. During the period a design for the tiny house will be developed.

the house will be tested and through artistic practices experimented.


The presentation:



To disseminate content and ideas meant to be shared and collecting meaningful feedbacks.

To test the material developed so far and to open the project to others, looking forward new companionships.

To present the whole process since began from scratch and give the possibility to envision the witness of its development through phases to others.

A project coming from bottom-up as well as all the great pirate’s actions will collect and spread.


The story of a low budget project that presents itself as a concrete possibility to make your dream goes through the challenging and intricate patterns of life.


How to step out of the mainstream meanwhile managing to give value to your different points of views?

How did other individuals did and still behave in their "solving problem" situations, communities, cities, countries, minds and lives?

A collection of facts, witnessing the merging need of balancing the strong competitiveness that pushes individuals into individualism rather than cooperating to a better-shared wealth.


Come to visit us! From 20th of October you can meet the artist from 14 to 18 at Bauhaus Campus Berlin (in the garden of Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum of Design),

or write us, we are open to collaborate, think together and sympathize with new ideas and imaginaries.