SBAM also stands for ‘Space B Art Museum’ where with B is called any place that can be converted in an expositive space for experimental and formal art.

The project starts in Newport, UK, during one of the project of residencies within Adopt an Artist.

The second round of the project it moved to Italy inside an abandoned church

SBAM project starting point Newport, UK, 2012

Talk with locals artists and exhibition

Installations, Concert and Performance.

With Masako Matzushita and more.

Second space project Candelara, IT, 2013

Celebration of SBAM’s dream: an ‘illegal’ artistic project inaugurated into a formal recognized space.

Performance and video projection night. with Susan Sentler and Masako Matsushita

Food and Culture night, Politic Vs Artistic space identities. 2013

Photos installation

with Viola Arduini and more.

Locals artist Illustrators exhibition. With Alessandro Baronciani and more.

Curatorial projects