What if your home can move with you from an art project to another one? What if your home can benefit and inspire the local environment? How can we embody the feeling of home?

…Here my tinyhouse / art studio moving around Amsterdam. By now are 5 year of living in it 

And why just a Tiny House / Art studio… why not also a Tiny Museum :)  

The artist Giacomo Cardoni has been invited to take part to the ‘Tinyhouse University’ 

Setting the base for new ways of living, of meaningful experiences of footprint and to co-operate a tinyhouse village concept in Berlin (2018). Together with experts of all sorts  we have designed and experimented a space where we brought ideas, open a discussion about Tiny House Movement and spaces, but more important, we shared knowledge and future projects. Mine was the nowadays realised Tiny Museum dedicated to Piracy - PiMu. 

The artwork on top of this page was painted as a mural on top of ‘aVoid’ Tiny House during the residential period. Nowadays to is going around Europe with the architect Leaonardo Di Chiara, creator of his Tiny house.