Adopt An Artist

Interactive Performance by GIACOARDO ® 

Did you ever adopt an Artist?

Giaco is been adopted several times since 2012

In this page is possible to find all the necessary info in order to make your wish become true: have an artist all for yourself!

Giacomo will be with you, in your environment, to support, ideate, create, finalise the development of your ideas: adopt the artist! 

Adopt an Artist is a Project developed by Giaco that is growing since 2012 and it involves the artist in a transient residence.

Do you have sparkling creative wishes? or visions? or simply willing more art in your environment but not yet knowing the way to get it? 

Here the artist come to you to make it, to co-operate! 

Use all his capacities to design together your personalised project or follow the instinct and let you guide by the artist itself.

Through few steps and with a regular artistic-contract you can adopt Giaco and stipulate with him the terms and the conditions of the temporal adoption.


The contract is possible to be revised and discussed with the artist, downloaded and in some particular cases changed. 

The nature of the contract doesn’t imply legal consequences but prevents and tutors the two parties during the staying of the artist with you. The contract is a form or “honoribus” as a sign of confidence and trust between the two parties and has an artistic value in which the artist can relay-on during his staying and for future presentations, as prove of documentation.

The sensible datas of the adopting party, in the case of exhibition, will be kept secret as much as the adopting partner has set the terms, chosen in the variations of the contract. 

Brows through past Giacomo’s adoptions in collaboration with other entities, organisations and privates. He has spent a time-project with them, for them, in a way that can be surprisingly positive and inspiring for both parties. 

NOW, Do you want to have GIACOARDO as your personal artist? 

Down here you can download C.A.D.A. 

the contract with all the informations in detail.

| CADA® |

CADA eng form contract adoption .pdf

Document of the first C.A.D.A. contract (Italian version 2012)

CADA Archive

CADA CODE 001 - 2012

International Organisation from Kindu, RDC. And Caritas Ambrosiana from Milan.

Drawings, exhibitions and workshops 

CADA CODE 002 - 2012

Adoption by the ‘Center of Visual Art Museum Pescheria’ for a residence project and 50sqm mural, IT, 

CADA CODE 003 - 2013

Private Adoption.

Realisation of several murals and art-therapy workshops with the locals, IT, 

CADA CODE 004 - 2013

“La Lupa Press” adopted Giaco as a graphic team supervisor. This adoption took place in Newport during the printing process of their first photo-publication. UK, 

CADA CODE 005 - 2013

Adoption by the C.O Manager of ‘Visual Art Museum Pescheria’ for a residence project and a dedicated performance. 


CADA CODE 006 - 2015

Adoption by the curators of ‘ICI Venice’ 

for a trial of residency program and several art-projects in Venice. IT, 

CADA CODE 007 - 2018

Adoption by Vereniging Proeftuin van A’Dam. Accepting my proposal of starting a Pirate Village and trial of residency program with several art-projects in Amsterdam, NL 

CADA CODE 008 - 2020

Adoption by ADM. 

To save PiMu and the Tiny House Projects. And to Work together with the local artist on many projects, Amsterdam, NL IT, 

CADA CODE 009 - 2020

Adoption by Stichting de Vliegtuin. To save and finalise PiMu. Working together with the local artists on many projects, Amsterdam, NL IT,